What’s Going On In The AFL?

What’s Going On In The AFL?

The AFL is the premier competition in Australian rules football. It is a professional sporting league that is controlled by the AFL Commission. Originally the competition was known as the Australian Football League, but in recent years it has been known as the National Football League.

Rules of the game

AFL rules are constantly changing, and it’s important to know what’s going on. After all, there are a lot of different infringements.

For example, you could be a player who doesn’t legally dispose of the ball or doesn’t drive the ball into a legal tackle. The AFL does a number of things to keep players from getting away with these infringements.

One of the most common infringements involves a player crossing the free kick line. If he does, he’s given a deliberate free kick.

Goal posts

Australian Rules football goal posts are designed to be sturdy and reliable. The posts are made from high-quality PVC, and they are supplied with heavy-duty rubber bases to prevent the goals from being knocked over in strong winds. They also come with a carrying bag to store the posts.

Goal posts are a central part of the game. There are two tall, central posts and two shorter outer posts at each end. Each side is able to start their forwards at different points along the goal-line.

Goal square

The Goal Square is one of the most spectacular pieces of equipment on a football field. It is 6.4 meters wide and nine meters long. To score a goal, players must kick the ball over the goal line, which is marked by two tall goal posts.

The Goal Square is located in the center of the playing surface. This is the ideal shape for the game of football.

There are two goal-lines at each end of the field. These lines are divided by a boundary line that marks out the playing area.


The Crows face a heavy fine after breaching AFL coronavirus training protocols. Adelaide executives have repeatedly said the breach was an honest mistake.

Last Sunday, the team flew from Western Sydney back to Adelaide, without wearing masks. Police have cautioned the players and the club has admitted to breaching protocols.

This breach was revealed after the game against Richmond at Giants Stadium last week. A passenger on the flight reported that several Crows players were not wearing masks.


The AFL is mooted to cut its half-time interval by five minutes. This would reduce the duration of the break from twenty minutes to ten. While this may sound like a positive, it could cost fans and advertisers.

The AFL has been talking to broadcasters and clubs about its plan to shorten the break. The League has held two meetings in the lead-up to the start of the new season. One meeting focused on discussing new rules, while the other weighed in on the length of the break.

Free kicks

Free kicks are awarded in AFL for a wide range of reasons. For example, if the ball goes out of bounds, a free kick can be awarded to the nearest player to the opposition. Or, if the player is tackled after disposing of the ball, a free kick downfield can be awarded. In all cases, the ball must travel at least 15 meters without touching the ground.

The AFL is very clear about the rules for this. However, some players seem to think they are allowed to do more than just run over the mark.


The AFL interchange rule has undergone several changes in recent seasons. For example, in 2014, a cap was introduced to limit the number of players interchanged per quarter.

This rule was designed to reduce congestion on the interchange bench. It will also help to improve the health of club lists.

Coaches have had an opportunity to take a look at the new procedure. They’re required to nominate an Interchange Player to replace their injured player on the Official Team Sheet before the game.

Absentee membership

AFL Absentee Membership is an option available to fans who do not wish to attend any of the games. They can place their membership number on hold for the season and enjoy all the benefits of their current status. However, they will not receive a members pack or a 30 per cent discount on the following year’s membership.

Fans who wish to become an AFL Absentee Member must complete an application form with supporting documentation. The application must be received by the AFL Membership Service Centre before the end of the Membership Year.